BBClone statistics inside WordPress

Today's entry concerns the launch of statistics of website visits based on the WordPress system, using the BBClone – a script entitled as – A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids!

An example of how the BBClone works can be seen here:

There's not much to describe, so I'll get to the point.
I assume you already have a working WordPress engine site.

1 – We are downloading a development version of the BBClone (the last stable release is from 2015, and does not support PHP version 7, so we need a version with later changes). Link to file:
2 – The unpacked files are copied via FTP to a server. We can rename the bbclone directory to another.
3 – Edit the config.php file from the /conf/ directory, where you set the parameters as required.
4 – We change the WordPress file, template-loader.php, which is located in the /wp-includes/ directory. Simply add this piece of code under the first line containing "<?php":

define("_BBC_PAGE_NAME", get_bloginfo("name") . wp_title("/", false));
define("_BBCLONE_DIR", "/home/user/public_html/bbclone/");
define("COUNTER", _BBCLONE_DIR."mark_page.php");
if (is_readable(COUNTER)) include_once(COUNTER);

Instead of /home/user/public_html/bbbclone/ (bold above) you should enter your own full bbclone directory location on the server. Upload the modified file, replacing the original and it's ready.

The only thing you need to remember is to correct this file after updating WordPress.

Autumn | Jesień

The autumn has come. The autumn in it's nature is very strange time. From the green living form, everything is dying, and is trying to hide it behind the curtain of colors. The good things, is that death is not the end. So maybe colorful leaves are just good starting, of something new and better.

Few photos i made this year:

Because I didn't add here anything for a long time i would like to inform about few things. First of all i got no working mobile phone for a months now. I broke 3 of them ;-) So if you are that one, who try to call me, or sms, and i didn't respond then sorry. Secondly my harddisk has died, so i lost many data (if you gave me some data to keep for a long time, then there is a large chance that it's gone now). It was physically broken so no chance to recover anything. Also i lost skype password, i'm preparing new one, but got no any contacts on list.

Enough about the problems, now it's time for good things :-) I made new ITOS website ( ). There is current offer and some info. We are working in Poland and outside. You may notice that site is also translated into some interesting language. It's Thai, because i just love that country and people there ;-)

I also learned how to make an apple cake :D Yes it is most important thing, and this should be on the top of this text :P Here are some photos:

Also i changed a little bit this site, I mean colors are more autumn alike, but it will change every season :) Also i will add some background music, but it's hard to choose what is best.  And that's all for today :-) Greetings.