iVCam – smartphone instead of webcam

Chinese software development company  – e2esoft is publisher of iVCam application. Software website link: https://www.e2esoft.com/ivcam/
It is made of smartphone app (Android or iOS) and for computer (Windows 7/8/10). It is allow you to use smartphone connected to WiFi network (the same that computer is connected) as webcam device.
Some time ago i sent Polish translation, but instead they put own translation (that isn't bad). If you would like to use the one i prepared, you may download this file: strings.xml.
To make it work just put it inside "resource" directory, where software is installed (default C:\Program Files\e2eSoft\iVCam\resource) overwriting file that is already there with the same filename.
This file is prepared for version 5.3.5 of iVCam.

Short review Xiaomi Wireless Power Bank PLM11ZM

Xiaomi Wireless power bank (model PLM11ZM) – with 10,000mAh battery capacity is the first Xiaomi device used as a backup power bank with wireless charging function. I recently purchased this product and would like to share my first thoughts.

Krótka recenzja Xiaomi Wireless power bank PLM11ZM

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