UISP / UNMS installation script for EL Linux

Ubiquiti, the manufacturer of network equipment, offers several remote monitoring and management systems for their products. The UISP formerly known as Ubiquiti Network Management System (UNMS) is prepared for UISP, airMAX, EdgeMAX, airFiber (and others).

The software prepared by the company is officially designed only for Linux distributions: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (Xenial Xerus) 64-bit, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) 64-bit, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) 64-bit and Debian 11 64-bit. As I used to use a fully professional RHEL/Rocky Linux distribution I've tried to install UISP, but it turned out that it is not that simple.

Therefore, to make the task easier for others, I prepared a script that takes the appropriate steps to install and run UISP in RockyLinux 8/9  or RHEL 8/9, also Stream versions.

Link to the script: uisp-el.sh

Installation of the script requires downloading a file, granting startup privileges and run. You need root permissions, or a user belonging to a superuser group.

Download and start up:
# curl -fsSL https://github.com/nicrame/Linux-Scripts/raw/master/uisp-el.sh > uisp-el.sh && chmod +x uisp-el.sh && ./uisp-el.sh

v 1.5 – 06.02.2023
Changed the way ulimits are configured from UISP files, to docker service configuration. It's much more clean now and better for updates of UISP.
v 1.4 – 05.02.2023
Found fix for starting up on on EL9 / Stream distributions – rabbit-mq container had too high open files limit (ulimit -n 1073741816).
Revert SELinux change to not disabled.
Tested on RockyLinux 9, RockyLinux 8 and CentOS Stream 9.
v 1.3 – 01.02.2023
Added support for EL9.
Added fallback for Debian installer if that OS is detected.
Tested on RockyLinux 9, RHEL 9 and RockyLinux 8.
Use Docker Compose from repo (so it will autoupdate correctly now with dnf update).
v 1.2.1 – 05.08.2021
Use Docker Compose v 1.29.2.
Tested (and working) on Rocky Linux 8.4.
v 1.2 – 02.03.2021
Added –allowerasing flag for installing docker (it resolved problems on test env). This will disable cockpit!
Firewall rules fixes.
Tested on CentOS 8.3 and RHEL 8.3.
v 1.1 – 29.08.2020
First public release.
Added yes to not ask when UNMS detect unsupported Linux distro.
v 1.0 – 28.08.2020
First version.