HTPC on CentOS 8 Linux with KODI

I prepared a script that automates the installation and configuration of CentOS 8 Linux with KODI (formerly XBMC) under HTPC (a computer for media playback). Thanks to this, we get a ready system which, after connecting to e.g. TV or projector, enables comfortable playback of multimedia materials (video, audio, streams).

To operate you need a working computer, with CentOS 8 installed, with the network configured and the wget program (we will use to download the script).

The script installs the appropriate software, and configures the system so that the KODI application starts automatically at startup (with kodi user rights, using the flatpak package).

Download link :

To install the script you just need to download the file from the command line, give permission to run it and start it. You need root privileges to act.

Download and start (you must be logged in as root):
# wget
# chmod +x
# ./

By editing the script file, you can set the Plex Media Server to be installed additionally (it can be used as a DLNA server instead of KODI), and the KODI to be installed from the sources. This will take much longer, because CentOS 8 does not have the right packages, so they have to be downloaded andd compiled, and then installed (I used Fedora source packages, and clean KODI sources).

Below is a video of the script's operation (some long lasting moments have been cut out, standard flatpak installation):

If it happens that the KODI switches off due to an error, or because you want to switch it off for a while, a terminal (xterm) will start up, which will allow you to perform various operations. To return to KODI just use the command "flatpak run tv.kodi.Kodi". As in the video below:

v 2.6.1 – 12.11.2020
HDMI/CEC file access for kodi is now fixed with every restart, so large system updates should not brake that.
v 2.6 – 09.10.2020
Removed double lines.
v 2.5 – 30.09.2020
Thanks to Thebes Knossos there are some fixes in the script – thank You!
Raven repo can be disabled in configuration (reported conflicts with VLC).
rapidjson package do not need compiling from sources anymore.
I prepared SRPM of phonon that works and is phonon-qt5 compatible! (Oryginal srpm stopped – don't know why – rebuilding, maybe some cmake changes or dunno).
I made script little less "loud" when taking actions (except when compiling from sources).
Added libcec srpm for CEC/HDMI support on compiled from source version of Kodi.
Fixed some errors in commands.
v 2.4 – 12.09.2020
Add HDMI/CEC fix (tested with Pulse-Eight CEC module on USB/HDMI for TV-remote control of KODI).
v 2.3 – 19.07.2020
Fixed some typos, finally releasing on the web.
v 2.2 – 07.07.2020
Add license info.
Fixed typos, and checked on core CentOS install. Ready to release on web.
v 2.1 – 03.07.2020
Added Avahi with it's daemon enabled.
v 2.0 – 26.06.2020
Another approach using flatpak instead of compiling many libraries and kodi itself from sources.
v 1.0 – 23.06.2020
First release, tested on CentOS 8