Matrox Guru Arena

Matrox Guru Arena is website about Matrox Inc. graphic cards. Everything started when i bought my first Matrox Millennium G400 graphic card (SingleHead model with 32MB of memory). I choose it because best image quality and some new interesting features like VCQ2 or Enviromental Mapped Bump Mapping. After some time i made my first website related to Matrox graphic cards. The name was "Polish Matrox Users Website". Later I call it "Matrox Guru Arena" thanks to suggestions of my friend Filip Mielniczuk (thank You). Because Matrox left personal consumers market i have stopped to work on the website, so currently it's in slowly death stage.

Project website:
Project status: dead but working.

Project history:

31.07.2001 – First version of website has been made on my computer :)
– based on Adrian Kajda (thank You) website sources (he has got already working website related to 3D Studio MAX and other 3D animation/modeling things – ), it was clear html.
07.08.2001 – First release for the public using domain. Hosted on server, using free account for 3D graphic enthusiasts – 10MB free disk space, no PHP, no MySQL.
25.02.2001 – I invite more people to help me with website & few new editors join me:
Filip "Felipe" Mielniczuk ([email protected]),
Przemys┼éaw "nedved22" Kalicki ([email protected]),
Roman "Eran" Nastory ([email protected]),
Grzegorz "Sunchez" Hajdukiewicz ([email protected]),
Piotr "Drkuli" Kulesza ([email protected]).
..Thank You guys for helping me :)
18.08.2001 – 1000 visitor saw our site!
25.09.2001 – We released new Matrox PowerDesk drivers that support new and old models before Matrox Inc.! It was first released driver that was made for Windows XP and Windows 9X (v5.71.014 for XP/2000 & v6.71.011 for 9x/Me) that support Matrox G400/G400 MAX and G450/G550 graphic cards. Even the manufacturer didn't do that, so we were happy that many people don't got problems with Windows XP drivers anymore using G400 models. Thanks for all people that help me getting this driver done before anyone else – even Matrox itself.
7.10.2001 – We released path that makes DivXG400 application using Polish language.
10.11.2001 – 10.000 visitors! And that is not all. We released first Polish language version of Matrox Technical Support Tweak Utility.
14.12.2001 – W released new BIOS for Matrox cards with update software in Polish language (and with Polish documentation).
24.12.2001 – We released first and only new Matrox PowerDesk drivers (for windows 9x and 2K/XP) with Polish language!
15.02.2002 – Added English language on the website.
1.06.2002 – New hosting – (50MB free space, PHP and MySQL support).
5.07.2002 – Name changed to Matrox Guru Arena.
19.12.2002 – About 200.000 visitors!
10.05.2003 – New website dseign. First time using PHP (no MySQL) using miniPortal CMS and on new hosting (
14.03.2004 – Website got new hosting ( with 100MB disk space, PHP support and MySQL database). It was first PHP version that used control panel. It used e107 CMS.
16.02.2006 – New website version using new CMS (Joomla this time) and on new hosting that i'm administrator – No limit at disk space, PHP and MySQL supported and used.
20.02.2009 – Over 2.000.000 visitors!

Plans for the future: Make an archive from current website with all old data files and articles.