New script – Nextcloud installer for Linux Debian 11

I wrote a script that installs Nextcloud package (an alternative to other disk services in the so-called cloud), in Debian 11 (Linux). To work it requires only a clean system, everything will install and configure itself (so that it works on the local network, the operation outside must be configured by the user).

Here is the link: Nextcloud Debian Installer


I prepared new scripts package, that will install colorful and nice motd  (message of the day) with some system informations.
MOTD is generated with scripts, that will be extracted to /etc/profile.d where you may modify them to suite your needs.
fail2ban and docker stats will not be shown if user do not have correct permissions for that.
The script runs on EL based Linux systems ie: RedHat, CentOS, RockyLinux, Fedora etc.
You may find more info here: MOTD dla EL

Construction of the HiFi kit based on PC

To the project section on the right I added a page devoted to the recently implemented idea. Namely, I decided to build a set of HiFi. But as it happens in life, the requirements did not match what I could meet on a typical consumer market. That's why I decided to put together a set that suits my needs.

It is based on the Intel NUC platform (DC3217IYE) and the external audio interface E-MU 0404 USB.

I invite You to read.

KIOSK generator v1.3

I released new version of KIOSK generator for RHEL operating systems, like CentOS, Scientific Linux and similar. In newest version i've added comatibility with systems version 7, and i made Opera browser not to ask for license on first run.

New version is available here:

Autumn | Jesień

The autumn has come. The autumn in it's nature is very strange time. From the green living form, everything is dying, and is trying to hide it behind the curtain of colors. The good things, is that death is not the end. So maybe colorful leaves are just good starting, of something new and better.

Few photos i made this year:

Because I didn't add here anything for a long time i would like to inform about few things. First of all i got no working mobile phone for a months now. I broke 3 of them ;-) So if you are that one, who try to call me, or sms, and i didn't respond then sorry. Secondly my harddisk has died, so i lost many data (if you gave me some data to keep for a long time, then there is a large chance that it's gone now). It was physically broken so no chance to recover anything. Also i lost skype password, i'm preparing new one, but got no any contacts on list.

Enough about the problems, now it's time for good things :-) I made new ITOS website ( ). There is current offer and some info. We are working in Poland and outside. You may notice that site is also translated into some interesting language. It's Thai, because i just love that country and people there ;-)

I also learned how to make an apple cake :D Yes it is most important thing, and this should be on the top of this text :P Here are some photos:

Also i changed a little bit this site, I mean colors are more autumn alike, but it will change every season :) Also i will add some background music, but it's hard to choose what is best.  And that's all for today :-) Greetings.