Cheap USB to LAN and WiFi

Since I often solve computer problems using my own hardware, I decided to buy the cheapest and smallest size USB devices to connect computers to LAN and WiFi networks. In this entry I will present what I bought and how it works (iperf3).

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Windows 10 – Start Menu don’t work

I’ve been using Windows 10 for some time now, and despite the update I occasionally had a problem with the Start Menu. It just did not work sometimes. It turns out that one of the system’s services is responsible for this. In order to help other people with this problem, I present below a way to solve it.

1. Task Manager.2. Registry Editor.3. Change parameter.
Start by running the Task Manager. To do this, right-click on the clock located at the bottom right of the screen. Then select the Task Manager by clicking on it.

When the Task Manager is running, you must switch to the full information and function display mode by pressing on “More details”.

After this operation, the Task Manager will enable us to run a registry editor by using the File \ Run new task (left side of the top).

In the window that will appear, just type a regedit and press enter (or mouse click OK).

Then we have to find and change one of the entries. Expand the branch in the registry editor from the left panel:

We are interested in the value of the Start parameter placed in the right panel. To do this, double-click on the Start parameter, and in the window that shows you will change the value to 4, confirming by pressing OK.

Then close the registry editor and restart your computer. From now on, the Start Menu should work properly.


Windows 10

The moment has come when I had to purchase a new version of operating system – Windows 10 Pro (64-bit version) because of my work.

First impressions after installation:
– start up quickly
– seems to be more responsive
– after installing the system (from scratch) it has a lot of unnecessary programs (like games, spotify, onedrive)
– problems with the USB 3.0 controller from VIA (which I repaired manually by installing drivers for Windows 8.1)
– has installed drivers for the graphics card, sound, etc. by itself (comfortable)
– waits for an external USB drive to start during the start (better if it is working in the background)
– microphone boost does not work for a USB webcam with a built-in microphone (in Windows 7 worked without problem), here typically an error on the MS side that does not want to fix it (although it is more likely that it does not know how to fix it)
– built-in antivirus (but unfortunately quite slow, and broken down, after detecting the threat and pressing the action of repairing does nothing)
– the start menu did not work for a moment, after the installation of some update started.

In general, there are a few advantages and some disadvantages. Well somehow, unfortunately, we will have to move around. As for me, problems match the BETA version rather than the final product.

Merry Christmas!!!

Suk San Wan Chiristmas!!!
Wesołych świąt!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Z okazji Bożego Narodzenia, życzę wszystkim:
– spokoju, żeby w te święte zamiast się denerwować poczuli aurę dobrego jedzonka, która to zrelaksuje,
– ciepła w domku, zarówno tego rodzinnego, jak i z grzejniczków,
– fajnych prezentów, nawet jak nie trafionych to chociaż aby były smaczne,
– i żebyśmy wszyscy umieli docenić to co mamy, bo nie każdy może świętować.

Na koniec jak wszyscy wrzucam fotkę choinki, aby przyciągnąć atencję i rozbudzić zazdrość wśród znajomych ;-)


Rajd dla Kamila

27-letni Kamil Nowocień jest naszym przyjacielem.W styczniu bieżącego roku uległ wypadkowi, w wyniku czego porusza się na wózku inwalidzkim. Z całego serca pragniemy pomóc Kamilowi stanąć na nogi w związku z czym serdecznie zachęcamy do pomocy 4 maja (niedziela) na KJS (Konkursowa Jazda Samochodem), podczas którego odbędzie się zbiórka pieniędzy na kosztowne i intensywne rehabilitacje.

Organizatorem zbiórki na rzecz Kamila jest Fundacja Wzajemnej Pomocy “SUPRA”

KRS: 0000421093

Last months | Ostatnie miesiące

The Prodigy – another wonderful show, that was in Warsaw. I took opportunity to visit my friends at Radomsko (thanks!) :)
Fokus Festival – Jabbadub – that party took place on the Germany side of Nysa river, a lot of nice sounds, interesting atmosphere.
MBP – Because of Janusz Korczak year in Poland our city library organised meeting with recitation of fragments of his books, gallery and great music of violin.

Autumn | Jesień

The autumn has come. The autumn in it’s nature is very strange time. From the green living form, everything is dying, and is trying to hide it behind the curtain of colors. The good things, is that death is not the end. So maybe colorful leaves are just good starting, of something new and better.

Few photos i made this year:

Because I didn’t add here anything for a long time i would like to inform about few things. First of all i got no working mobile phone for a months now. I broke 3 of them ;-) So if you are that one, who try to call me, or sms, and i didn’t respond then sorry. Secondly my harddisk has died, so i lost many data (if you gave me some data to keep for a long time, then there is a large chance that it’s gone now). It was physically broken so no chance to recover anything. Also i lost skype password, i’m preparing new one, but got no any contacts on list.

Enough about the problems, now it’s time for good things :-) I made new ITOS website ( ). There is current offer and some info. We are working in Poland and outside. You may notice that site is also translated into some interesting language. It’s Thai, because i just love that country and people there ;-)

I also learned how to make an apple cake :D Yes it is most important thing, and this should be on the top of this text :P Here are some photos:

Also i changed a little bit this site, I mean colors are more autumn alike, but it will change every season :) Also i will add some background music, but it’s hard to choose what is best.  And that’s all for today :-) Greetings.